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My wife and I understand exactly what you're going through. We've both went through previous divorces before we met. We've faced bankruptcy and foreclosure, job loss, probate and have dealt the problems of not wanting rental properties and how to sell the homes associated in all of these situations. Seriously we are not just saying that we know how to deal with these types of problems because we've gone through all of it since 2004.

What we found in the midst of every situation is that our marriage got stronger because we always knew that things will come and go and that most important is relationships between people. So that is what helped us through it all, but some people perceive things in a different way than us of course. Ultimately is all about having options and having someone help you navigate through the jungle when forced to walk into it. 

Because we have experienced and understand that people really don't want to deal with most of these BIG problems and challenges, we've got a deep passion to help people facing real estate problems that happening people's life everyday.. We learned how to deal with all of it and have become professionals in exploring and executing the right option to deal with the problem and have learned how to place cash in homeowner pocket in the midst of the large problem our clients are facing.


We hope to help as many people as we can work through and give a light of hope because many situations are dark and gloomy but we have an answer for any real estate problem caused by circumstances.

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