​​​​​​​ Foreclosure

If you're dealing with foreclosure the best advice is to NOT place your head in the sand!

Is the bank trying to take your home through foreclosure? Don’t let them ask for the keys to your home. Stop foreclosure by selling your home or house fast to us. We buy homes in foreclosure from people just like you. Don’t procrastinate or the bank will ask for the keys to your home without you getting anything in return. I can’t make my mortgage payment and the bank wants to foreclose on my home? Does this apply to you?

We pay cash for homes and can close in just 5 days. Sometimes we can even stop the foreclosure sale at the courthouse steps the day before the sale. Your bank may not be working with you, but when we show them that we have cash and are ready to close on the house they often times will postpone the foreclosure sale and allow us to buy your home. My bank will not work with me and I just want to walk away from this house. We hear this all the time. Why not save your credit from a foreclosure.

Many times we can take over payments on your home and give you $500 to $1,000. I have to sell my home in just days and my home has major problems? That is okay with us. We can pay cash for your home. Mold, leaky roofs, termites, hurricane damage, flood damaged home, structural issues are all okay with us. Wouldn’t you rather get something than nothing for your home or house in foreclosure?

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​​​​​​​ We Help People in a        Divorce Situations

Selling your house on the market while going through a divorce can be a very difficult situation.  There are several parts of the process that you and your ex-partner will need to agree and sign off on.  

If you want to avoid the unwanted interaction with your Ex, and still get a fair price for your home, consider selling the house for cash.  In 5 days you’ll have the cash split up for you at closing and the entire process will be behind you.  

You can even sign the documents in different locations to avoid even seeing each other. Quick, Easy, Painless, because you have enough on your plate.

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Probate is the court supervised process of transferring property at death pursuant to the terms of the will. Personal representatives or heirs please call 720-999-9280 to get a quote on the home in your loved ones estate.

We are not Realtors, just house buyers who will pay cash and close fast on your house in probate. You don’t have to make repairs, move anything or paint and clean to sell your probate house or home to us. Get cash today for your probate home.

In simple terms probate is settling an estate and selling property after someone has died. As a real estate investor, I have bought many properties that have come out of probate. We may even be able to buy the property before it clears probate.

If you are new to probate there are some crazy words you need to learn like: beneficiary, intestate, revocable trusts, power of attorney, executor, personal representative, debts, assets, expenses, bequests, closing the estate, trustee, administration, distribution of property, codicit, joint tenants with rights of survivorship, tenants in common. If you have no idea about these terms, we can recommend an attorney or lawyer that specializes in probate and estates. I am not an attorney, Realtor or estate planner, but I do know how to buy your home in probate fast for cash without paying a realtor or commission. Call us at 720-999-9280 to sell your house fast for cash.

​​​​​​​ Probate

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If you're faced with bankruptcy and need to sell your house to get access to CASH we can help you buy buying your home while you're in bankruptcy.

We will work with the bankruptcy trustee to release the home and make arrangements to purchase the home after we get more details on the home.

Call us today or fill out the form and tell us more about the property that you want to sell. We will make a cash offer!

When your debts get so far along that you have to file for bankruptcy, the last thing that you want to do is continue losing even more. The thing you probably want most is a big lump of cash to help you get back on your feet again. Losing your house to bankruptcy is sad, but it can get a lot easier.

We buy homes that are sold due to bankruptcy. We don’t just buy homes; we are also cash investors. It means that we will pay you cash money for your home. In little time, you can have a large amount of cash money in your hands in exchange for the home that you are losing because of bankruptcy.

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Job loss is a terrible thing and it often comes with a ton of consequences. Experiencing the loss of your employment will often mean that you will need to make compromises. In some cases, you may even find yourself asking people “will you buy my house”. Selling your house is definitely an option, but it’s not something that can happen overnight. Your best solution if you need to sell your home quickly due to job loss is to find cash buyers. We buy homes and pay cash, which is the ideal way for you to cope with job loss and get back on your feet again.

Investors normally pay next to nothing for homes in this situation because they know that people are desperate and they want to maximize their profits. We buy homes, but we also care about the homeowners. We make sure that you get what you deserve for your home, you get to avoid foreclosure and you get paid in cash money. We still make a profit by flipping your house and selling it for a slightly higher asking price.

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